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The use of illicit drugs in Colorado includes drugs like cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, and club drugs. Alcohol and tobacco are also used among all age groups in Colorado and affects many of their citizen's lives and well-being. Prescription drug abuse is a problem throughout the United States and many Colorado residents also struggle with the abuse of painkillers and other prescription medications.

Mexican poly-drug trafficking organizations control most of the meth, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana distribution in Colorado. Street gangs are connected to criminal organizations in Texas, California, and Mexico and they enable the distribution of many different drugs throughout the state. Authorities in Colorado work hard keeping illicit drugs off the streets and out of the hands of distributors and users.

The most common drug abused in Colorado is marijuana and their largest supply comes from Mexico which is trafficked into the state from drug trafficking organizations. A form of marijuana called BC Bud is extremely potent and much more costly and can be found in many areas of Colorado. This form of marijuana is smuggled into Colorado from British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.

Colorado has somewhat decriminalized marijuana meaning that no prison time or criminal record for first time possession of a small amount of marijuana for personal consumption. A medical marijuana law has been enacted in Colorado because modern research has shown that cannabis can be a valuable aid in treating many clinical applications. Clinical applications include pain relief, nausea, spasticity, glaucoma, and movement disorders.

Colorado's Amendment 20 permits use and possession of small amounts of marijuana for sick and dying patients. It provides protection from prosecution under state law, where the majority of marijuana small use and possession cases occur.

  • Colorado Cocaine Addiction anf Rehabilitation

    Cocaine is a stimulant that's very addictive and officials say there's a steady flow of the drug coming into Colorado. Mexican trafficking organizations bring in large quantities of cocaine into the state. In the larger metropolitan areas of Colorado street level amounts of crack cocaine is also able to be found. Crack cocaine is derived from powdered cocaine and is also highly addictive. Those who prefer abusing crack cocaine choose this form because they're able to experience an immediate rush or high. When crack cocaine is smoked the vapors enter the lungs and bloodstream very fast and then reach the brain.

  • Heroin Abuse in Colorado

    The use of heroin is increasing in Colorado and so is the availability of the opiate drug. Black tar heroin is a black sticky substance and is a form of the illicit drug that's increasing in Colorado. Mexican brown heroin is also available in major metropolitan areas of the state.

  • Widespread Meth Addiction in Colorado

    Meth abuse is very widespread because it's a very addictive stimulant that makes the user feel energized, the drug lifts their mood and they experience feelings of pleasure. A lot of people experiment with street drugs but the problem with meth is that you can become addicted quickly. Some drugs may not cause dependence right away but meth can cause the user to become addicted very fast.

    Most of the meth found in Colorado comes from Mexico and the potency has steadily increased over the years. Now the meth that comes from Mexico can be compared to methamphetamine that's produced in small local meth labs, it's just as potent. Larger scale labs in California also supply some of the meth found in Colorado. There aren't as many local clandestine labs found in Colorado but this could be due to the fact that Mexican meth is so available.

  • Ecstasy & MDMA Recovery Help in Colorado

    MDMA (Ecstasy), LSD, GHB and Ketamine fall into the category 'club drugs' because they're used during parties and in some nightclubs. MDMA comes from foreign and domestic suppliers and is distributed by independent traffickers. Ecstasy is a man-made drug that's similar to methamphetamine and mescaline. Young people especially like ecstasy because they feel emotionally warm, it increases their energy level and they experience euphoria. Ecstasy also distorts time, perception and changes their sense of touch.

  • Colorado Bath Salt Abuse

    Bath salts are also found in Colorado and can be purchased in some area head shops according to the Denver News. Unfortunately the use of bath salts to get high can make a person extremely sick or they could even die. The chemical makeup in some bath salts is similar to ecstasy and methamphetamine and can be found under the name Cloud 9, Bliss and Tranquility. Bath salts are becoming a problem in many areas of the United States.

  • Prescription Drug Abuse Help in Colorado

    Prescription drugs are behind many deaths in Colorado and they're not always purchased on the street. Most of the time prescription drugs are abused straight from the medicine cabinet in the person's own home. There were more deaths in 2008 from prescription drug abuse than there were deaths related to drunken driving accidents according to the Attorney General.

Prevention and Intervention: Colorado's Division of Behavioral Health Community Prevention Programs is committed to providing comprehensive primary substance abuse prevention services and efforts throughout the state of Colorado to meet the needs of the local communities.

Many different substance abuse treatment programs can be found throughout the State of Colorado. Residential, outpatient, and therapy and counseling centers provide comprehensive treatment programs to help their citizens overcome their use of drugs and alcohol. There are many forms of addiction and in Colorado you will find various forms of treatment to meet your individual needs.

Addiction is very serious and it affects every aspect of a person's life. Recovery is possible for anyone suffering from this chronic disease. Fortunately due to research, treatment for substance abuse improves every day and people are able to overcome their substance use and lead happy lives.

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