Alpine Drug Abuse Counseling Facility

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El Paso County - Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918

Helping young people and adults with drug abuse problems is something our experienced and licensed counselors and staff at Alpine Counseling take very seriously. Unfortunately today people are abusing street drugs, prescription drugs and other substances at an alarming rate. Most people want to stop using drugs or alcohol but aren't successful in the long term. Remaining abstinent or sober comes easy to some but most people are unable to maintain their sobriety indefinitely without help and support.

Most of the time there is underlying issues and problems that need to be addressed and sometimes solutions are necessary before abstinence from drug or alcohol use can be successfully managed on a daily basis. This isn't an excuse for abusing substances but many times problems in our lives that are unresolved play a role in destructive behaviors like alcohol and drug abuse.

Our counselors work individually with our clients on an outpatient basis and together they develop helpful positive ways to address areas of their lives that causes stress, pain, fear or depression. When we have unresolved issues in our lives overtime they affect our physical and emotional health and well-being. Not everyone that has a problem with drugs or alcohol have serious unresolved problems in their lives but still need help and guidance when changing destructive thinking, habits and behaviors. Together we can make a difference and make managing your recovery from the use of drugs or alcohol easier and more successful.

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