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You may not realize how common shopping addiction is but there are many men and women who compulsively shop because it makes them feel good. People who are addicted to shopping usually purchase on impulse and are unable to control their compulsive spending behaviors. It's very common for a person with a shopping addiction to buy on the spur of the moment, purchase items they don't need and will never even use. Sometimes items are never even taken out of bags or looked at again once the purchase is brought home. Compulsive spending is a way of coping with stress and other problems for many people.

Unfortunately shopping addiction has been responsible for broken relationships, financial problems, bankruptcy and added emotional stress which can lead to more shopping binges if the person doesn't receive help. Most compulsive shoppers only feel good when making the purchases but feel bad after they do. Living in denial and hiding purchases is very common for a shopaholic but until they receive help they continue their destructive shopping behavior. Uncontrollable compulsive shopping behaviors has even led some people to use alcohol or other substances because they become clinically depressed.

We have helped hundreds of men and women addicted to shopping identify underlying problems that have led to their compulsive spending problems. No one wants to be miserable and addiction affects your whole life. Our counselors and therapists can help you overcome your impulsive shopping behaviors by first identifying the cause, recognizing situations that trigger impulsive spending, and find positive and healthy ways to bring happiness into your life.

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