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If you're concerned about a loved one or someone you care about because they have a problem with drugs or alcohol our team of professional interventionist can help. We understand how hard it is to watch someone you love and care about destroy their lives with the use of drugs or alcohol. Addiction impacts everyone's life including friends and family. Most people understand that the sooner a person receives help for their substance use the better but they don't realize intervention works the same way. You don't have to wait until you're family member or friend is addicted to drugs or alcohol before seeking a professional intervention, many times addiction can be prevented with early intervention.

Alcoholism and drug addiction leads to health problems but can also lead to broken relationships and friendships, problems at work or in school, and the loss of a career. Many marriages have been destroyed due to substance abuse and children involved are always affected. We understand just how hard this is on everyone and that the family of the addict is overwhelmed and at a loss of what to do.

We can help you plan an intervention to help your loved one or friend get the help they need to recover from their use of drugs or alcohol. Denial is a very strong coping mechanism that people suffering from alcoholism or addiction use to protect them self and make sense of what they're doing to themselves. Our qualified professional interventionists have experience in dealing with addiction and denial and can help the person in need of treatment recognize that need too.

If there's someone in your life suffering from alcoholism, substance use, or chronic addiction give us a call and together we can plan a strategy for a professional planned intervention that will help them get the help they need and find healing for yourself too.

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