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Heroin withdrawal can be very uncomfortable for the individual going through detoxification and we provide safe and comfortable detox for our patients to help them recover. Some of the symptoms a person can experience when detoxing from heroin can include anxiety and muscle aches and pains. Abdominal discomfort, diarrhea and nausea are also associated with heroin withdrawal.

At Midway Heroin Detox Center we evaluate our clients in order to provide them with the safest form of detoxification that best fits their needs. Medications can be provided making sure our patients stay comfortable during this process. Heroin is a very powerful drug and with prolonged use the individual risks addiction and is in need of treatment in order to recover. We provide our patients with comfortable heroin detox and outpatient behavioral therapy when detoxification is completed.

Heroin detoxification eliminates chemicals and toxins from the body relieving the physical symptoms of opiate dependence but does nothing for the psychological and spiritual side of heroin addiction. In order to recover and remain drug free it's important to address emotional problems heroin use has caused and possible problems that led to opiate use. Because heroin addiction affects everyone in the addict's life we provide family counseling as well so that the family unit can heal together.

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