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At South Point we provide counseling for adolescents, teenagers, young and older adults who need help overcoming their addictions. Addiction doesn't just apply to drug or alcohol use it also applies to shopping, gaming, internet, gambling, tobacco and food addiction too. Destructive and compulsive behaviors can not only be harmful to your health and well-being but impossible to stop on your own sometimes. Our licensed counselors and therapists are skilled in the area of addiction and realize how difficult destructive behaviors can be on a person's health, emotional and psychological well-being and in other important areas of their life.

Shopping addiction not only can affect a person financially it can also ruin a marriage or relationship. Online gaming and internet addiction can affect a person's job or school performance, relationships and health from lack of exercise. Gambling addiction is associated with financial problems, depression, anxiety, relationship problems and sometimes suicide. Tobacco and food addiction affects a person's health and well-being. None of these destructive behaviors are easy to control or stop if they have become addictions and we not only understand the addictive behaviors but want to help.

We offer individual and family counseling and therapy to our clients at South Point helping them understand their destructive behaviors so together we can find helpful skills that will help them stop and manage their compulsive behaviors. Some people are reluctant seeking outside help for behaviors they're unable to control because it's embarrassing or humiliating for them and unfortunately their problems get worse. No one should ever feel uneasy about asking for help because we all need guidance sometimes and it's commendable to seek help when something is out of your control.

If you or someone you know is addicted to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, foods, online gaming, gambling or shopping all you have to do is call, you're not alone, our professional understanding therapists are here to help and we will work towards a solution together.

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