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Many people who are dependent on drugs, alcohol, gambling and other addictions find abstinence and sobriety impossible to maintain. It's very common for substance user's especially chronic users to have mental health issues going on whether they realize it or not. Many people don't even know they have a psychiatric illness because they have suffered all their life and were never diagnosed.

A Dual Diagnosis or also referred to as co-occurring disorder, is made when a person has a mental health issue as well as a problem with drugs or alcohol. As stated above this is very common and unless treatment is provided for both the addiction and the mental disorder most people are unable to overcome their addictions.

Most of the time the psychiatric illness starts first and the individual looks for ways to feel better and drugs and alcohol are sometimes used to self-medicate their symptoms. Over time tolerance leads to addiction and the individual is diagnosed with a dual diagnosis. Common mental health problems include bipolar disorder, depression, panic disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

All of our clients receive full assessments making sure that if the individual is suffering from mental health issues along with their addiction that a proper diagnosis be made and proper treatment be available. It's critical that the addiction and mental health issue is treated at the same time.

Individualized treatment programs include Cognitive behavior therapy, individual and family counseling, dual diagnosis treatment, addiction education, and relapse prevention. It's very hard for someone to concentrate on recovery from addiction when they're on a roller-coaster of mixed emotions which are symptoms of a mental health issue. We have helped hundreds of people overcome their substance use and maintain their sobriety.

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