Stone Meadows Detox Facility

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Our mission at Stone Meadows is to provide our patients with safe and comfortable detoxification from the chemicals and toxins associated with substance abuse. Not everyone that uses substances is in need of detoxification but many do. Our medical staff does a complete evaluation making sure that detox is necessary. Individuals that are in need of detoxification are not occasional substance users, their use of drugs or alcohol is heavy, frequent, or chronic. We believe our patients should be safe and comfortable when going through the withdrawal process from the use of alcohol, drugs, or other substances. Withdrawal symptoms are managed with medications that are safe and effective and vary depending on the substance abused and the individual.

When detoxification is completed we provide our clients with outpatient intense counseling and therapy for those that have less chronic addictions. We also recommend that group 12 step support be included in managing their recovery from substance abuse and addiction. Clients with more serious and chronic dependency are in need of a more intense residential form of treatment and we provide them with treatment in our inpatient program.

Detoxification is a very important part of substance abuse recovery relieving the physical symptoms of addiction but it's not a magic bullet that cures the disease. The mental and emotional parts of addiction are even more serious and need to be addressed. Changing destructive behaviors is very important and without knowledge, skills and support relapse is inevitable for most people. At Stone Meadows Detox Facility we understand your apprehension, fears and needs and together we can make your road to recovery a reality.

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