Workman Alcoholism Addiction Center

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429 15th Street Suite 1F

Weld County - Greeley, Colorado 80631

Workman Alcoholism Center provides outpatient treatment for adult men who have problems with alcohol. We provide our clients with detoxification and 12 step therapies to help them overcome their alcohol dependence and remain sober. Not everyone can enter an inpatient treatment center because of their commitments to work and their families. Our outpatient alcohol program works around our clients schedules relieving stress which can affect a person's sobriety.

Individual counseling, family counseling, and 12 step group support helps our clients work through problems, repair relationships, receive guidance and support and overcome their alcohol problem. We help our clients recognize unhealthy thinking patterns and behaviors that make life difficult for themselves and the people they care about. Together we work to identify problems and through 12 step therapies take responsibility, make better choices, and maintain sobriety.

When a person has a drinking problem it turns their life upside because their behaviors affect their health, relationships, and sometimes their career. Addiction is a treatable disease and with the right support, applying 12 step principles in your life, and taking responsibility sobriety can be achieved, maintained, and embraced.

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